Since the late nineties, the pioneer Bangla Rock band FOSSILS is not only performing energetic concerts on stage or producing some cult albums, they are actually inspiring & motivating generations after generations through their revolutionary lyrics & scintillating compositions. The philosophy of FOSSILS has moved Bangalis of all ages across the globe, motivated by the social messages spread through the lyrics. Since the inception of Fossils, several fan clubs got established specially across the state of West Bengal. In 2008, they all got united under one umbrella only and took an oath to serve the society needs & eventually it became the ‘Official Fan Club of FOSSILS’ & named as ‘FOSSILS FORCE’

In the last ten years, FF has successfully addressed several social issues like relief gathering for natural disasters, blood donation camps, helping cancer affected children, distributing winter clothes etc. to the street children of Kolkata, organizing a FOSSILS concert for awareness of people having suicidal tendency to name a few. In each & every instance, the innumerable FF members were actually driven by the inspiring songs of FOSSILS. They also got motivated by the active support & cooperation from the band.